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The information contained here-in has been collected from various sources, and reflects the opinions, observations and experiences of those who have been using the GanoExcel products. See end for some MYTH busters.

These statements and information have not been evaluated by the Food and drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please see product label for directions and precautions, and consult your health care practitioner before starting any new regimen. Due to the high absorption levels found with these products, some interference with or change of the effectiveness of some medications may result.

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                          Suggested Vitamins-Minerals
Basic Nutrition B-12, D3
Acne D3
ADD/ADHD Minerals
Age Spots D3
Aids Minerals + D3
Allergies & Asthma  
Alzheimers D3
Anemia B-12 + D3
Anorexia Multiple + B-12
Arthritis D3
Anxiety Attacks  
Awakener D3 + B-12
Bariatric (Basic) B-12 + D3
Bariatric (Recommended) B-12 + D3
Birth Defects Folacin + Colloidal Minerals
Blood Clots(prevent/disolve)  
Blood Pressure  
Blood Purifier D3
Body Odor  
Bone Integrity  
Bone Spurs  
Brain Food  
Breast Feeding D3
Calmer D3
Cancer(retardant/risk reduction) D3
Canker Sores  
Cardio-Vascular D3
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  
Celiac B12 + D3
Cervical Cancer  
Childbirth Ease D3
Chocolate Cravings B-12
Cholesterol D3
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome B-12 + D3
Colds D3, C+
Colon Cleanser Minerals
Cramps (leg)  
Cramps (premenstrual) D3
Cravings B-12
Crones Disease  
Cystic Fibrosis  
Depression B-12 + D3
Dermatitis D3
Diabetes D3 + Minerals
Diabetes - Type1 alt D3
Diabetic Neuropathy D3
Digestion B-12 + D3
Diseases (inflammatory) Q Relief
Elevated Blood Calcium D3
Energy B-12
Enzyme Activator  
Epstein Barre B-12 + D3
Erectile Dysfunction  
Eye Strain D3
Fatigue B-12,
Flu ( swine ) D3
Gout B-12 + D3
Gum Disease  
Hardening of Arteries D3
Heart Attack  
Heart Burn  
Heart Disease D3
Heat Stroke B-12 + D3
Herpes D3
Hormone Imbalance  
Hot Flashes D3
Hypoglycemia D3
Insomnia Q Sleep
Irritability B-12 + D3
Jet Lag Q Sleep
Kidney Stones D3
Learning Disabilities  
Liver Disease D3
Liver Spots  
Low Blood Sugar  
Lung Disease  
Lupus Minerals + D3
Macular Degeneration D3
Maintenance (Basic) B-12 + D3
Memory B-12 +
Menopause B12 + Boost
Mental Alertness B-12
Mental Disorders B-12 + D3
Mental Nervous Condition B-12
Metabolism Increase Boost
Mood Swings  
Motion Sickness  
Multiple Sclerosis  
Muscle Cramps Minerals
Muscular Dystrophy D3 + Colloidal Minerals
Myalgia Minerals
Nervousness B-12 + Minerals
Night Blindness  
Osteoporosis D3
Paget's Disease of Bone B-12
Parkinsons Disease D3
Pregnancy(pre-conception) D3
Radiation Build-up  
Receding Gums  
Rest, Sleep Sleep
Relaxant Sleep
Skin Disorders  
Skin Pigmentation D3
Sleeping Disorders Sleep
Smoking Cessation  
Sores (not healing) D3 + Minerals
Stiff Joints  
Teeth Minerals
Toxic Shock Syndrome Minerals
Valley Fever  
Water Retention  
Weight Loss Boost + B-12 + D3


The Physician's Desk Reference details the absorption rate of various types of products in chart form, indicating that pills, gel caps and sub-lingual products have low absorption rates in the body.

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Myths - - -

  • "I have been told not to take "xxx" minerals because the excess in my body caused the problem" - When the body is deficient in an item, it creates a "crave" for that item which may appear in the form of a "pickle" or "ice cream" craving in a pregnant women, even though she is taking those "horse pills". Oral absorption is the key! If minerals, vitamins and nutrients are ingested in any form other than the foods and vegetables we eat, (see other sections on whether the foods we eat have all the body needs), the absorption of these products is critical! (see mineral - What happens to colloidals if they are not properly absorbed & vitamin Q & A items for absorption charts) For example, if the body is deficient in calcium, it will aggressively "grab and hold onto" any item that has any form of calcium, whether it can absorbe it or not! And, it will continue to "grab" additional calcium in the effort to absorbe it, resulting in a build-up of non-absorbable items. Alternative health care profesionals and nutritionists have long known this, and strive to offer products that the body can use.
    When the body does receive the products it needs (say a certain mineral) in a form it can use, and once the cells are satisfied, it starts to release those "stored" items it could not absorbe. Therefore, the "Toxic Clean-out Reaction" mentioned above sometimes occurrs. Many times, when the cells are satisfied and the "bad" items are cleansed from the body, the associated "conditions" disappear! That is why it is always suggested to drink plenty of water, to give the body a mechanism to flush the body of these "bad" items.
    It has to be remembered that the body was designed to heal itself   IF IT IS   given the proper tools!


    There has been much advertising and press lately regarding "Coral Calcium" and how it is a superior health supplement. Many ads say it is derived from "remnants of living coral that have fallen from coral reefs as a result of wave action or other natural processes." In fact, "coral remnants" are LIMESTONE, which coral organisms originally manufacture as a protective shell. Since coral reefs are protected by law, "coral calcium" is made by grinding up limestone that no longer contains live organisms. It is the dead pieces of coral that have broken off the reefs and are washing up near the shorelines.
    Limestone has no unique health properties. It is merely CALCIUM CARBONATE, with some magnesium and trace amounts of many other minerals. Limestone fertilizer, available at garden centers, costs as little as a dollar for an 80-pound bag. Remember - chemically, coral calcium is simply calcium carbonate ... a poorly absorbed form of calcium. "Coral Calcium" is really a marketing term. Realize that many different compounds or materials contain calcium. For example, limestone has calcium in it. Calcium is found in milk. Calcium is even found in cereals and grains. The name "Coral Calcium" simply refers to the point that calcium is found in coral - that's it. It is purely a marketing term. One might say "Limestone Calcium," "Milk Calcium," or "Grain Calcium." Nothing is special about coral calcium other than it is a material that contains calcium.

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    ©Ted & Kathryn Kapela, Katie's Natural Way, www.kayted.com. A continuing effort to document effectiveness, cautions and interactions of the products we offer. Use of this document subject to crediting authors as source of information.

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